Mapping a Cultural Landscape

Above should be an imbedded copy of a map that we made to show the different places we have been focusing on thus far in our blog. We decided to break them down into groups. The Jennie Wade House, Gettysburg Train Station, and the David Wills House are all historical locations, and the Gettysburg Hotel, Dirty Billy’s Hats, and the Lincoln Diner are all put into the category of tourism.
In case the imbed doesn’t work, below is a link to our map.


2 comments on “Mapping a Cultural Landscape

  1. alwagnerv says:

    The imbed on this did not work, even after seeking instructions from Dr. Birch. The link does work.
    The title should be “Mapping a Cultural Landscape.” For some reason, the title would not show up after I edited the post.

  2. koesno01 says:

    The two levels we created on our map are mainly to show the two different sides of Gettysburg. On one hand, you have the Historical Locations. The David Wills House, Jennie Wade House, and the Train Station today are all museums of one sort or another. They are locations that, today, people go to look at. On the other hand, you have Tourism. The Gettysburg Hotel, Lincoln Diner, and Dirty Billy’s Hats and all locations that focus on drawing in tourism. They focus on getting people to buy. This shows the two sides of Gettysburg, the historical and interesting side, and the side that comes with consumerism and capitalism: tourism and focus on money.

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