The Beginning

Most people see the town of Gettysburg as the site of the one of the bloodiest battles in American History. However, the town of Gettysburg had a rich cultural history long before the soldiers wearing blue and grey swept through its streets. The purpose of this blog is to examine and follow the cultural evolution of the town of Gettysburg from the time of the Iroquois, through the Civil War, and the 150 years following. Did you know that the land in this area was purchased from the Iroquois? Or that Gettysburg itself was a melting pot of nationalities? We hope that we can help you to learn about the cultural landscape of the town of Gettysburg as we ourselves learn along the way.


3 comments on “The Beginning

  1. alwagnerv says:

    As we discussed when writing this post, the town of Gettysburg truly does have a vibrant cultural landscape, dating back way farther than July 1,2,3 1863 and extending up to the present day.
    It will be interesting to study what features of the town are there for tourism, what features are religious or ideo-technic, and what features are there because they are needed for the town, and its people, to survive.
    The beginning of this semester long journey is quite exciting when one looks at the town that is Gettysburg.

  2. espomike says:

    In the discussion we had before writing this post, we decided to dedicate our blog to the town of Gettysburg. Dating back to way before the war, Gettysburg has a rich history. We are excited to explore the town of Gettysburg and the history it has in store for us.
    We wrote this post as a group. We discussed and researched together to put together the entry as we all included our own thoughts and research discoveries within the passage.

  3. I hadn’t quite thought of Gettysburg, the town, in such a way as your blog demonstrates. It was really interesting to see all of the different aspects this group looked into. The cultural landscape definitely has had different takes depending on the viewer.

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